My relationship with yoga began 10 years ago. At the time I was not ready for all this practice had to offer me.

After the death of my father, during a stay in a treatment center, I was reintroduced to yoga. I have found that learning to live with mental illness requires a variety of support, therapy, and self-care practices. Yoga has been an essential part of my recovery and daily self-cafe.

I like to believe yoga is a gift my father, God, and the Universe gave to me. I talk about A Giving Practice as a journey because that is what it has been. I define the journey as "ours" because it has never been just mine alone.

My gratitude for each and every part of the journey, for every person, every being, extends far beyond what my words will ever convey.

Anna Ferguson, from World Peace Yoga, said “Yoga is whatever anyone chooses it to be.” Yoga was and is whatever I need it to be. Thus far, it has been a path to peace and purpose.