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 A wellness journey

 Is this journey for you?   If, “yes” or “possibly/maybe/not quite sure”  read a bit more.


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  • Is yoga a new place you want to explore and starting with the basics sounds perfect?

  • Life balance is your goal you want to achieve and yoga is a tool you will try?

  • Have you been away from your yoga practice for far too long? Need accountability maybe yoga partner?

  • Do you think your mind is too busy to meditate? Is focus or clarity a challenge for you personally or professionally?

  • Looking for healthy coping skills to deal with or let go of stress or anxiety?

  • Considering self-care as part of a new daily routine? Not sure where to begin?

  • Strength, stability and alignment sound like good goals to have? Or is refining your practice and digging deeper into a yoga lifestyle exactly the path you want to join?

  • If you don't have complete clarity on one or some of the questions above, that is okay.

"I hold space for people to be curious about their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs. I walk with them as they define objectives that establish a daily practice of self-care deeply rooted in Yoga.”

 Contact me. Together we can determine a mutual fit and discuss the process to begin your journey!