Our bodies, minds, beliefs, and life experiences are as unique as our fingerprints.  Your wellness journey should be too. 

My Clients Share Their Journey

mind & Body

"Jessica is a patient and compassionate instructor who immediately makes you feel comfortable during your sessions. My biggest takeaway from my experience with Jessica was that yoga really does meet you at your skill level. Jessica tailors her yoga instruction so that every pose you do is safe and comfortable, while still challenging. She really takes the time to make sure that your mental and physical states are completely in sync during your sessions. What makes Jessica different from all of my other yoga experiences was that I never felt less-than in my yoga journey. It was my first time personally really starting with the basics, and not feeling left out like I did in other group classes when everyone else exceeded my skill level. Yoga really is for everyone when you have an instructor like Jessica who meets you right where you are."      JORDAN D.

"I love how organic Jess is!  I've worked with her mostly 1:1 and truly appreciate how well she recognizes what you are good at as a student and where you can be challenged.  I have a background in dance and practiced a lot of hot yoga as a fitness tool to maintain my flexibility.  I don't see yoga as only a physical practice anymore.  I see it as as a way to calm my mind and deal with stress while working on my overall fitness and health. I am a  very stress prone person and tend to worry a lot.  In our time together Jessica has helped to teach me how to let go of the stress and worry from the day.  I now go to yoga to help me relax and have a little fun with balances and postures."     SHANNON O.

"I  had a regular Vinyasa yoga practice and then relocated to Cincinnati. I hadn't been able to find an instructor or space that made me feel comfortable. Class with Jessica and A Giving Practice was comfortable right away, even after over a year of rarely doing yoga and becoming very uncomfortable with my body I was able to let go of that right away when I was practicing with AGP."     EMILY S.

I am a private client currently but I met Jessica at a donation class she offered last summer.  She is assiduous in the planning of each session for me.  I am an active person and we work, we work hard. She meets me each week at my downtown office before the start of my Monday morning. This is what makes her unique for me.  She just gets it. My wife sees her now too.    SAMUEL T.

"In other classes I've felt completely lost, and out of my element, I was flustered because I couldn’t get the pose.  Jessica showed me it is a good thing to use props and there are breathing methods to go along with my practice.  She customized classes for my injury and showed me it is okay not to be perfect.  It is okay if my balance is off or if I fall, laugh, or if sometimes even cry. Meditation is powerful.  Just a really good connection with her."    MICHELLE M.